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Why Content is Crucial!

Having all the right tools is critical, for any marketing strategy, but without content you are dead in the water!

It is well known in the advertising world there are three important factors needed for any successful marketing campaign: great technology, great data, and great content.  In today’s fast paced world there is plenty of emphasis on the first two, but all to often content gets lost in the shuffle.

It is pretty easy to see how this happens.  The technology allows marketers to get their message out on unimaginable scale, and data is what enables them to discover and analyze their target audience and to provide the best experience possible.

In comparison it may seem like the content is not as important, however it is still a very critical component.  In the great race that is digital marketing, you need technology to rocket you forward, the data to ensure you are on the best path, and content is what puts you over the finish line.


But why is content so important? Content is the customer-facing portion of your efforts.  The algorithms behind the scenes may take a lot of resources to put together, and the data may take a large amount o time to analyze effectively – but in the end, the customer sees the content.

You may have the latest and greatest technology at your finger tips, but if the content doesn’t connect with your target audience its all for nothing.  Because of that, content should always be forefront in your mind when putting together your marketing campaign.  It is how you will reach out to your customers, deliver your brand message, and hopefully generate engagements and sales.


Most often, people think of marketing as just sending an ad to a certain demographic or interest group, and this is how a good portion of marketing occurs.  But with the right marketing strategy, you can position your content in a way that evokes real emotional response to your target audience.

For example a customer follows a number of horror movie directors on Twitter.  Not only does this demonstrate the he or she enjoys being frightened and also enjoys visual media, but this data can be applied to make content that is more suspense-oriented and visual, using minimal text and dark tones.

Then using real-time bidding technology, you are then able to put the ad on the news site that the customer frequents, and their interests will be piqued by the relevancy of the content.


Creating a successful marketing campaign isn’t just about having the right tools.  Although technology and data are both key components, it is the content that makes or breaks an adverting campaign.

When it is all said and done, what is marketing if not helping to deduce the intended content that a customer is most likely to enjoy? When marketers keep content the focal point of their strategy, they are able to craft an overall experience that connects with customers in an emotional way.

Thinking content first, provides more than just simple engagements.  It also helps to nurture a relationship of brand advocacy and helps to generate word-of-mouth growth, which is the goal of any marketing campaign.

When it comes to marketing in today’s digital environment you always have a friend in us!  If you would like to elicit real emotion in your next campaign give us a call and we can help!