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How Website Landing Pages Work & Why They Are Successful

By August 25, 2022No Comments

The Landing Page Solution

Maybe it’s happened to you: you scroll upon an eye catching sale ad for something you’ve been searching for. You click on the ad, expecting it to quickly take you to that specific item, but instead you get the website’s homepage. You’re left searching for said “special offer” on your own, but you may or may not have the time and patience to dig far enough to seek it out. So, why didn’t that initial click just take you straight to the promotion? How can you ensure your customers don’t get lost prior to a conversion? It’s a simple solution called a landing page.

Before you get overwhelmed, understand that a landing page is supposed to be short, sweet, and to the point. Obviously you want to give your customers the appropriate information, but you also want to avoid giving too much information. Avoid links that stray your customers away from your page and, instead, make it easy to convert by creating eye catching buttons. If your landing page is a form, ensure the form is simple, easy, and that it makes the customer WANT to fill it out. Remember, your goal with a landing page is to make easy conversions! Make the page pop and avoid anything that could come between the customer and the conversion. In fact, making it possible for the customer to convert in one click is ideal.

How Do Landing Pages Affect Conversions?

To keep your conversions high, keep your text positive and easy to scan. For example, rather than “See our plans and prices”, try saying, “Get Started Now!” You typically only have about 8 seconds to convince your customers to stay on your page, so make sure you have an awesome offer that is sure to convince your customers quickly. Make your offer enticing and desirable but also ensure it matches the ad they clicked on. If you have a specific item or theme of items you are offering on sale, your landing page should only include those items. This reassures your potential customer that they’re on the right track. If necessary, using a video is appropriate to advertise complex offers. Other helpful things that are easy to add to your landing page include share buttons (because why not give your customer an easy way to share what a great deal they found?) and, of course, raving testimonials.

Finally, be sure to follow up with a thank you page. Now that you’ve sealed the deal you no longer have to worry about distracting the customer and leading them away from the conversion. Your thank you page can guide your customers to other related products on your website they may be interested in. You can also use this page to link to your blog or guides they may find helpful.

Remember, landing pages should be eye catching and include awesome deals, but should also remain simple. If you become overwhelmed in designing it, your customers will likely become overwhelmed reading it. Keep your offer as straight and to the point as possible, and your conversions will come with ease.

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