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Website Security Services

Having a secure website has become more important with the rapid growth of the internet. As the internet grows, people are becoming more and more cautious with their information and who they share it with. This is no surprise when there is no shortage of data breeches. Having an insecure website leaves your customers vulnerable and an insecure website can have a negative effect on your brand’s reputation if any information gets hacked. Therefore, a secure website is a must to keep sensitive information secure and to boost your company’s reputation.

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With the push for secure web browsing, make sure your website is up to date so you don’t miss out on ranking opportunities.

Rank Higher Organically With A Secure Website

Secure Websites are ranking higher in SEO. Google has began to mark which websites are secure and which ones are insecure. In the past, Google only marked insecure websites that asked for passwords or credit card information. However, with Google’s push for more secure web browsing, all websites are now being labeled and because of this, Google’s ranking system prefers secured websites over unsecured ones and will display a secure website over an insecure one. Therefore, we ensure all client websites are secure and safe so that our clients and their customers are protected.

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Encryption (SSL)

SSL is the standard for security technology and as online services become more popular, internet security has become more necessary. This refers to the method of securing the transformation of information on the internet such as between a server and a browser. Encryption algorithms scramble the data and make it unreadable to hackers trying to read the data. Without it, the data would be transmitted in plain text that would allow the hacker to read the data, which could be sensitive personal information, such as credit card numbers, names, addresses, or financial information. When the connection is secure, the search bar will display a padlock icon on the left side before the URL and will also include https in the URL instead of http, which would indicate an unsecure connection.