Website Hosting & Maintenance

Website Hosting Services

When you have a website, you will need more than a domain name to allow it to be visible to others on the internet. Your website will also need to be hosted on a server. A hosting server is similar to renting storage space. It stores all of the files needed to run your website. When people try to visit your website, the server will direct them and provide the necessary files to view it. Without a server there to guide them, visitors wouldn’t be able to view your website. Having a website hosting company allows your website to be visible to everyone on the web. It is important to have a good website hosting company to ensure that your website will load properly, stay secure and remain up to date.

Don’t let your website sit stagnant,
let us keep your site going strong for years to come.

Website Storage

The size of your server storage will determine how many fi­les, photos, and videos your website can have. We want to make sure that your website will grow with your business so that you do not have to worry about running out of space.

Website Bandwidth

Every time that a person browses your website, their computer must download or upload information to the server. Bandwidth is the amount of data that transfers during this process. Your website will remain online and available to the public during peak browsing periods all month long.

1 Hr Free Maintenance

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is letting their website become outdated over time. Websites should be dynamic and change when your services or products change. We don’t want you to worry about being billed for little changes to the website, so we include time for you!

SSL Website Encryption

SSL encryption provides a secure connection between your website and your website visitors. It is necessary if your website collects personal information from its users. Because of the added benefi­ts of SSL encryption, Google now provides an advantage in organic ranking for websites that utilize it.

Platform & Plugin Updates

WordPress is the most popular and fastest growing content management system for websites. This also means that it is a popular target for hackers. By keeping your website updated with the latest software versions, we can prevent new system vulnerabilities and improve overall performance and security.

Server Updates

Our premium managed servers allow your website to be hosted on high-class hardware. Keeping the server software up to date will ensure that your website loads fast and is reliable for the future. This also allows us to provide your website with new features and technology that develop over time.

Continued SEO Management

Every website we launch will be search engine ready! This means prepping your site to rank as highly as possible; but as we all know, the internet changes rapidly. Whether Google updates their ranking algorithms or your products and services change, we will provide continued support for Search Engine Optimization.

Website Backups

Sometimes websites break. Sometimes websites get hacked or injected with malware. Our hosting solutions provide full website and database backups daily. This allows for entire rollbacks in the event of a disaster with minimum downtime for your website visitors.

Website Training

Do you want the ability to edit or make changes to your website? We can provide in depth training to get you started! We build our websites with the client in mind and it is important that you are familiar with the up-to-date processes and optimization strategies that go on behind the scenes.

Creative Content

Google has long stressed the importance of high-quality content for your website. We can provide both creative photos and text to set your new website apart from your competitors. Our beautiful stock photos are fully licensed for business use and our keyword rich text is curated from talented writers.