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Upgrading Your Business To Video

By September 15, 2022No Comments

Modern Marketing Relies On Video

Is it intimidating? Probably. Especially if you’ve never used video for marketing before. There’s no denying it works, though. In fact, 52% of marketers say video gives them a higher return on investment than any other form of content. This really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise – video is everywhere! Facebook newsfeeds are full of videos, and if you have checked out your competitor’s websites, chances are you have seen videos there, too. Whether it be for marketing, humanizing your webpage, recruiting new hires, or to close more deals, video content is truly unavoidable. Before you brush it off as too complicated and expensive, keep reading!


Video Blogs AKA Vlogs

In today’s age, you don’t have to hire a professional video producer to take advantage of video marketing. If you have a camera or a phone, you are good to go. To help yourself and your colleagues take advantage of the use of video, there are a number of things you can do. Create a space for video, if possible. You don’t need a ton of space, but an area, clean and set up with ample lighting will make it quick and convenient to use video on a regular basis. If your background is a plain, white wall, consider a backdrop. A roll of seamless paper doesn’t cost much and will help eliminate distractions and glares in your videos. Consider your lighting and, if needed, pick up a photography light such as a ring light (usually not much more than $100). Test out your sound. It’s a wise idea to consider sound dampening pads for the walls. Blankets can be used in a pinch, too. The key to it all, though, is to leave it all in place! Having it always ready and available will ensure it gets used!

Alternative Uses Of Video For Your Business

Videos aren’t just for the owner or marketer. They should be used on a regular basis by anyone in the company who works with customers. Videos feel more personal to customers. Seeing AND hearing takes away the dryness of communicating via email and the distance in communicating via phone. This leads to a better chance of turning a lead into a customer. Customer churn is also often reduced when videos are used. Customers will feel more connected to you which will give them warmer feelings about your business. Consider using videos for your email signatures, in your sales process, or to keep in touch with your customers (think product updates or even Happy Holidays videos).

To get your colleagues on board with videos, be sure to incorporate it into your business internally, as well! Whether you’re communicating about a new vending machine in the office, a pregnancy announcement, or marketing campaigns, it’s a great way to keep people who work remotely, have been sick at home, or employees in other locations up-to-date regarding office happenings. It also encourages colleagues to jump on board and have some fun with them. Videos can be intimidating at first, but once it’s an integral part of your business internally, it will become easier for your colleagues to use for customers, as well!

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