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How Searchers Use Google

Meditative has put together a new infographic to show just what people are clicking on when they perform a Google search, and we just had to share the data with you!



If you ever wondered about the importance of a strong SEO strategy and making sure you are ranking highly on page one of Google, here is the proof. Only 1% of searchers actually click through to the second page of Google, and 84% of the clicks come from above the 4th organic listing. The top organic listing also captures 32.8% of the clicks. These numbers really illustrate the necessity for a strong SEO plan!


76% of searchers looked at local listings with an 11,5% click through when local listings were above the organic listings. These numbers indicate that local customers are looking for information in your local listings, if you haven’t claimed your business, and have taken control of both your information and your reputation you could be costing yourself sales!


Nearly 10% of the clicks where captured by the top sponsored ad. When creating your next campaign take into account that your position matters!

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