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Thrifty Digital Marketing Tips

By August 18, 2022No Comments

There are a wealth of options out there when it comes to digital marketing. But what if your company is on a very fixed budget? But how can you get a strong return on investment with a very small budget? When it comes to creating a marketing strategy when your company is light on funding here are 3 places you can drop very little cash for a quick return on your investment!

Facebook News Feed Ads

Facebook has a wealth of low cost ways to help promote you business or products! The best option for growing your Facebook audience around a specific product or service is to give something away! Whether its a product or service that you offer, or just tickets a large event in town, you can grow the buzz around a new product for just the cost of the product and a small boost. The most important part of this plan is to create a stunning visual ad. It is important to note that when boosting a post you cannot include more than 20% text in your ad. Facebook uses a graph system to calculate how much text is in an ad so you will want to download a template to help you get the most text in an ad possible! You can also test your ad against Facebook’s program by uploading your image here. Once you have your strong piece of creative built, and you create some engaging text to compliment your ad. You will want to take advantage of Facebook’s own viral tendencies. To do this require your entrants to like, comment, and share the post in order to enter. Doing so will help your budget go further as every entrant will be promoting your product and company with each entry you receive. Now comes the boost, if your page is small, you will want to make sure and choose “People you choose through targeting” and build a small boost for your post! You will be shocked at how quickly the buzz around your product skyrockets, while helping to build your Facebook audience at the same time!

LinkedIn sponsored Updates

LinkedIn often gets the short end of the stick when it comes to digital marketing, but it’s foolish to ignore the 600+ million professionals currently using the social media platform. Like Facebook, sponsored updates appear inside of LinkedIn users’ newsfeeds. They look like a regular update and are hard to miss. Publish a free article to showcase your industry expertise and deliver value to your audience. A link to a downloadable white paper is a great way to collect email addresses. Once your post is written you can just spend the LinkedIn minimum of $10 a day to promote it.

Twitter Lead Generation Cards

Twitter Lead Generation cards can be highly effective. The main advantage of using Twitter Cards is a shorter path to receiving your leads, no landing page required. It is always best to use a tailored audience targeting system to reach an email list or specific Twitter IDs.

So there you have it! Three thrifty digital marketing tips that any company can use on a tight budget! If you would like some help putting together a marketing plan on a tight budget we can help! Big Corner Creative offers a wealth of options for helping companies build their marketing plans on tight budgets, you can contact us here!