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The Science Behind Eye Catching Ads

By February 2, 2022No Comments

It is the age-old question every marketer asks when his new ads role out.  How do our customer’s brains react to our advertisements?

Today we take a look at the science behind advertising. Our brains perceive, and respond to ads.  The impact of your design on your customer’s brains is far more powerful than most people realize.  When you are building your next campaign take the time to realize that there has to be a perfect balance between art and science to induce the right emotions and make memorable.

It takes 250 milliseconds for the brain to absorb visual cues, but only 13 milliseconds for images to elicit emotion – even if your customer isn’t fully absorbing what they are seeing.  The lesson here is to foster an emotional response from your customer so that your ad stands out among the average 3,000 ads a day the brain is exposed to.