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The Impact Of Slow Site Speeds

We have talked at great lengths about all the things your website should have, strong content, clear calls to action, etc. But there is one thing your site should never have, slow site speeds. You could have the best product, price, and company… but none of that matters if your site doesn’t load quickly. Site speed is the single-most important factor that you have the ability to change.

Evaluating your website speed may not be something you have ever considered, but understand that factors like bounce rate, or abandon rate for your shopping cart are directly influenced by your load speeds. Your conversions and advertising revenues go down steadily without an active formulation of your website speed, and here is why it matters:

  • 14% of your visitors will shop somewhere else if your site is slow.
  • 50% of visitors say they won’t be loyal to websites that take too long to load.
  • Site speed doesn’t just impact user behavior, it impacts your search engine rankings!

Your site speed is a combination of your hosting and other factors. And before looking at hosting you should optimize everything and then look at your hosting. Hosting Facts has put together this informative infographic to help provide your team with the facts needed to help your organization move to a faster infrastructure or things to look at optimizing on your current site.