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SEO Basics

SEO Basics – Create Value

By February 23, 2022No Comments

Congratulations on powering through to Step 5!  If you missed out on step 4 you can find it here.  In this tutorial we are going to take what you learned about your business in Step 4 and use it to create something of value for your customers!

In the last step we asked you to figure out what it was that set your business apart from your competition.  Now think about what one of those things that sets your business apart your target audience would find valuable.  This is a very important step, stop and take the time to really think about it.  Think about what you can create, or have created already that your target audience would really connect with.  Maybe its a list of opinions and resources from leaders in your industry, or a how-to-piece that you have written.  Maybe its a step-by-step instructional, on how to remove small dents, if you own a body shop, or how to plant a garden, if you own a greenhouse.

This is one of the most important steps we will tackle, it is very important to share your own specific brand of wisdom with your target customers; this is the foundation of building trust, and your level of attention in this area will define how many results you see from your website, and on social media.

The goal here is to create something so awesome that your potential customers will be bookmarking, printing, and saving what you created.

If you are having a hard time figuring out this step.  Just look to this article as an example.  Our target audience is small business professionals.  We seek to assist our clients in all areas of advertising and marketing.  We know that small business professionals on a limited budget are scouring the web looking for help trying to understand the digital landscape.  So we have created an entire series focusing on one of our specialties search engine optimization.  The fact that you are reading it now and that may have visited other steps in the series our or other tutorials is proof that it can work!  In these tutorials we are building trust that we are experts in our industry and offering something in the hopes that you will continue to return to us with further advertising needs.

There are other benefits to creating something of value to your customers and giving it away for free as well:

  • Garnering more subscribers, and creating an avid fan base, who at some point a small percentage of will become your customers.
  • A boost to your website traffic when the great content that you created is shared, linked back or commented on.

Take your time, create something valuable, and we will see you next week for step 6!