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Quit Making These 6 Photography Mistakes & Improve Your Social Media Instantly

By November 22, 2022No Comments

Quality photos are becoming more and more available given smartphone camera quality. If you have a smartphone and a social media account – it’s time to step up your photography skills. Or if you run your company’s social media accounts, it’s time to look more professional with good-quality pictures and start implementing these tips, now! Below is a list of what NOT to do when taking a photo. The takeaways from this blog will have your photos & your social media account going from zero to hero.

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Shoot in the direct sunlight

Taking a picture directly in the sun may seem counterintuitive but it can really impact the quality of your image. Avoid taking a picture with you and your camera facing the sun. If you can’t avoid being outside in direct sunlight, make sure the sun is shining on your back when taking the picture of your subject.

Also, note shooting in the middle of the day is never a good idea. When the sun or lighting is coming from up above this causes harsh shadows that do not look good in a photo. If you’re taking a photo outside, the prime time to take it is either sunrise or sunset. If you’re shooting indoors, try not to have the light source coming from up above. Lighting is your best friend so use it to your advantage.

Using crooked angles

An easy way to make your social media account look unprofessional is to take a picture using crooked angles. Take pictures horizontally or vertically – no in-between. Use any straight lines to make sure vertical and horizontal angles are straight. This creates clean lines and will keep your social media looking professional.

Having a messy background

Leave out any distracting objects from the background. Keep images clean so it’s obvious who or what your main subject is. Don’t have your audience guess why you took a photo. Keep it clean and simple.

Cutting your subject

Leave room on all sides for your subject. (Portraits are the exception). In photography, we call this framing your subject. The goal is to create a pleasing composition that directs the viewer’s attention to the subject matter. You can use elements around to create a literal frame around your subject by using a doorway or window for example.

Zooming in on something

Zooming in on a picture is one of the worst things you can do to the quality of your image. Try to resist the urge of getting a closer look of a cute dog across the park. Digital zoom will make the photo look grainy, reduce the resolution, and show any shakiness in your hands. This tip goes for any type of smartphone with a camera – just avoid the zoom as much as possible.

Using the flash 24/7

The flash on a smartphone rarely improves the quality of a picture. The single source light will most likely give the picture harsh, odd coloring. Look for another light source first.

Now, go snap away!

Having good-quality images will instantly make you or your company look more put-together and professional. People subconsciously pair the quality of your social media to the quality of your services. So, make sure you’re representing yourself in the right way on your social media accounts. Whether you are an experienced photographer or have no experience, using these not-to-dos will dramatically help.

If you’re new to social media – don’t stress too much about finding that perfect angle or that perfect shot. Nowadays people are looking for more authenticity towards brands and companies and even from people in general on social media. But that doesn’t mean poor image quality will do. Find that happy medium with your content and your audience and get to snappin’!

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