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Local Services Ads From Google

By September 22, 2022No Comments

Who Are Local Services Ads For?

If you are a service provider in Wichita, this blog is for you! There are some exciting changes coming that you will want to take a look at. Google, in select cities across America, has been working hard to create and test a program geared towards service providers. Local Services ads allow users to easily manage campaigns, leads, and appointments, monitor reviews, contact information, and even pause ads to control the number of leads they receive. It will also streamline communication between you and your customer by allowing communication within an app via messaging for some services. Local Services is a big turning point for service providers in the advertising world, and, although it isn’t available in Wichita YET, we at Big Corner Creative are actively training and preparing for its release so you can jump on board as quickly as possible!

Get Google Guaranteed Before Your Competitors

It’s important to stress that becoming one of the first users of Local Services in the area for your provided service will give businesses a serious advantage over their competitors. Local Services, however, isn’t a “download the app and go” type of service. There is a verification process, background checks for all employees that work in homes, and training… But don’t stress! At BCC we will help walk you through all the steps to become certified. Upon completion, your business will be given the Google Guaranteed badge (, a badge that shows up in Google search results, which significantly boosts your reputation and covers claims up to the invoice amount in the event a customer is unsatisfied. We’ll help you determine an appropriate budget based on the amount of leads you want to receive and help ensure you understand the ins and outs of the app thoroughly. Once your training is complete and your app is set up, you’ll easily be able to keep track of your bookings and leads, view reports regarding your ad’s performance, adjust your budget, and connect with customers when they’re searching for services you provide, right when they’re searching.

If you are a local service provider, there is no doubt you will want to act on this as quickly as possible. With the ability to jump ahead and be at the top of the Google results, find customers when they’re looking for you, not to mention the ease of managing all of your leads and advertising in one place, it’s a given! At Big Corner Creative, our team is well-versed in Google’s recommendations and always up-to-date with the latest updates and marketing strategies. Don’t get left behind… Let us help you get started and walk you through the steps of Local Services ads! Give us a call at 316-260-5391 or visit our Contact Us page if you have questions!

How To Get The Google Guaranteed Badge

If you are interested in getting the Google Guaranteed Badge for your local service business, visit today! You can fill out the form to get started and our Adwords experts will help your business every step of the way. Don’t forget, this is a new ad space that will display ads above the Google Adwords section and you will want to be there before your competitors!

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