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Video is no longer a “trending” medium to use in marketing strategies. Video is absolutely necessary to include in marketing efforts. If you aren’t utilizing video, you are missing out on some real ROI results with your current and potential customers.

You want to make sure you are putting your brand in a position to reach your targeted audience, and video is a great way to do that. 83% of video marketers say that video helps them generate leads. Videos can be used for a variety of things such as promoting your brand, marketing a product, increasing engagement, and educating consumers. With the increased use of video content, businesses have transformed the way they market to consumers and are even able to personalize the customer support experience, changing the way salespeople connect with clients.

Don’t just wing it

Plan your video shoot. Plan details like the location, who’s going to be in the video, and the written script. Try to be as prepared as possible. Unplanned things are bound to happen so try to plan every detail as much as possible.

Make getting good audio a priority

Viewers will forgive you for an imperfect video image, but they’ll immediately tune out if they can’t understand the audio or the music is too loud.

On the contrary to that, make sure you format your video to also be viewed with the sound off. Many people watching videos are on their phones in public and don’t want to blast your video out loud to everyone. Include closed captioning in your video so consumers can watch your video from anywhere.

Tell a story

Don’t get caught up in having the most expensive camera and equipment, focus first on telling an engaging story for your viewer.

Keep it short

Try to convey your message in as short amount of time as you can. Videos should only be as long as they have to be. Attention spans are shorter than ever. Try to grab viewers’ attention right off the bat.

Be ready to improvise

Video production is challenging. Locations fall through, bad weather rolls in. Be ready to improvise – often your plan B ends up creating a better video than had everything gone perfectly.

Use video to improve search engine optimization

Viewers are more likely to engage with video content which means more eyes on your website which then leads to better SEO – how often you organically show up on google searches that are related to your content on your website. Utilize video as yet another way to get noticed online with relevant search content. Videos can be published on platforms like YouTube and social media but make sure to include video in your website content and in your blogs too!

Videography for businesses in Wichita, Kansas

The personability and engagement that video offers allow companies to better connect and appeal to their target market. Big Corner Creative excels in video marketing and ad creation. Contact us to produce your next high-quality video or commercial.

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