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How Can BCC Reviews Help Your Business’ Online Reputation?

By November 3, 2022No Comments

What is BCC Reviews?

BCC Reviews is a new tool offered by Big Corner Creative, used to monitor online reviews for your business all in one place. This tool makes it easy to ask and remind customers to review your business through email or text messaging. This will send them a link to write a review that will then drive customers directly to the review sites that you care about the most. Once reviews are created, you can see the reviews and choose which ones are published to your website or other chosen review site. This allows you to filter out the negative reviews and gives your company a chance to reach out to the unhappy customers and resolve the issue. You can even respond to reviews directly through the platform. Monthly reports are also available so you can see how your business has performed and improved with the help of BCC Reviews.

Online Reviews Are the New Word-Of-Mouth

Word-of-mouth advertising occurs when current customers share their experiences with a business and can be an effective way to gain additional customers. Before the internet, this might have just been talking to a friend on the phone or to the family at the dinner table. However, the internet has completely changed the way people share their opinions and experiences, and word-of-mouth marketing has changed drastically. Customers can now just go online and share their opinions with thousands of people. They are tweeting about a product, posting on Facebook about their customer experience, leaving a review on Amazon, and even writing blogs about their opinions. Therefore, it is important to monitor what people are saying about your company. With BCC Reviews, you can monitor your online reviews while also giving your customers an easier way to leave reviews about your business. Our tool can also be used to choose which reviews you would like to showcase on your website or on your social media.

Using Customer Reviews to Build an Online Reputation

With the increased use of the internet, online reviews can have a big impact on your online reputation. It is inevitable that people will have feedback they want to share about your brand and products. But how do you know what people are saying about your company? Why are your customers happy? Why are they unhappy? With BCC Reviews, all these reviews can be seen in one place, making it easier to find out what your customers are saying about your company. BCC Reviews also makes it easy to reply to customers, allowing you to strengthen the relationship between your company and your customers. By monitoring your online reputation and reviews, you can use this tool to build credibility and boost your online reputation.

The Impact of Reviews

With the increase in online reviews and interactions, many potential consumers have turned to reviews to research the product or company before making a purchase. According to BrightLocal, a survey conducted in 2018 found that 86% of all consumers read reviews of local businesses and 78% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal reviews. The survey also found that 68% of consumers say positive reviews make them trust a business more, 40% of consumers say negative reviews stop them from using a business. This shows that many consumers rely heavily on reviews, with consumers reading an average of 10 reviews, before they can trust a business. Therefore, it is important to track, monitor, and respond to customer opinions to improve the reputation of your brand. With BCC Reviews, this can be done all in one place. We make it easy to see all of your reviews, respond to customer reviews, and even share your reviews so that more people will see them.

local consumer review survey 2018
local consumer review survey 2018

Engaging with BCC Reviews

Consumers post online to share their experiences with other consumers, as well as the brand. They want brands to communicate with them and offer solutions to negative experiences. This builds trust and loyalty between the consumer and the brand. This can be easy when you are responding to positive reviews. But what about the negative ones? It is just as important to respond to the negative reviews as it is the positive ones. When engaging with consumers, it is important to be transparent. BCC Reviews makes it easier for your company to be transparent with everything all in one place. Transparency can be risky but can have a positive impact in the long run. Here are 5 tips to help you and your company be more transparent.


  • Respond quickly. If there is a problem, the worst thing a company can do is hide from it. Acknowledge the problem and admit any fault. Reach out to any upset customers and let them know that you are working on a solution.
  • Listen to the problem. Communication is a two-way street and listening is the key to any form of communication. To be able to truly engage with customers, you need to listen to what they have to say.
  • Offer a solution. This is common sense in customer service and without a solution, your customers will be left angry. If you want customers to see past the situation, try to resolve the issue by offering a solution to the customer.
  • Provide additional resources. Encourage the customers to reach out to your company’s customer service department so you can learn more about the problem and their experiences.
  • Check up on them. Don’t forget about your customers once the problem is fixed. Checking in with your customers afterwards will strengthen the relationship and boost your reputation.

Engaging with BCC Reviews

business review graphic

Since so many consumers rely so heavily on reviews before making a purchase decision, it is important to have plenty of high-quality reviews. The more positive reviews your company has, the more beneficial they will be. Here are two simple tips on how you can use BCC Reviews to ensure the positive reviews outweigh the negatives.

  • Ask for reviews. Boost your reputation by generating more positive reviews. Make it easy for customers to leave reviews by providing links to your review sites as well as your company’s social media. With the simple system of BCC Reviews, you can provide links to ask for reviews and give your customers an easy way for them to leave reviews. By encouraging more reviews, you are creating an opportunity to engage with your customers while building trust and loyalty. More reviews will also give potential customers a reason to trust and purchase from your brand.
  • Encourage people to read reviews. One of the main reasons behind asking for reviews is for potential customers to read them and form a positive relationship with your company. BCC Reviews makes it easier to encourage people to read reviews by allowing your company to share them across different platforms that your potential customers might visit the most, such as Facebook and your website. This will create more opportunities for potential customers to see the positive reviews about your company.

Overall, it is important to monitor and manage your online reputation and BCC Reviews can make it easier to do that. One of the biggest contributors to your online reputation is consumer reviews. Reviews are the starting point of research conducted by potential customers when looking for products to purchase, so it is important to monitor and manage your reviews. By responding to the negative reviews and ensuring that positive reviews are seen first by your potential customers, you can begin to build trust and a long-lasting relationship between your business and the customers. BCC Reviews allows businesses to do all of this in one place, providing an easy solution to managing your online reputation.

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