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Engaging Your Audience

Congratulations you made it to step 9!  If you missed the last step, check it out here. In this step we are going to talk about audience engagement.  Engagement is quickly becoming one of the most important factors when it comes to search engine optimization, and most experts predict it will only become more important over time.

What is engagement? Engagement is simply how involved your visitors are with your digital footprint.  What items do your visitors actively interact with on your website? How long are they on your site? How many pages do they look at? Do they watch any videos? Do they take any action or do they visit and then quickly leave without clicking on anything?

To find out your website’s engagement you will want to set up some kind of analytic system (Google Analytics is the industry standard) and then pay attention to your numbers, look to see what your audience is engaging with and produce more of that content.  If a page has a high bounce rate (people quickly leaving without clicking) try to figure out why they are not engaging.

These are all cues to search engines that you visitors are interested in your content and have found what they are really looking for.

Having trouble analyzing your data? No worries, give us a call today if you need help!