Video Advertising

YouTube & Video Streaming

Video content can be delivered on a variety of platforms such as over-the-top, YouTube, and of course social media. Consumers can access videos anywhere, creating opportunities for businesses to inspire, evoke emotion and appeal to the needs of their target market in a real and authentic way. It also performs well across all devices and can be shown to people who are watching social media videos on their phone, looking up YouTube tutorials on their tablets, or streaming videos on their computer or TV. Video marketing can also help improve website ranking on search engine results pages. Search engines work to show the most relevant websites with engaged users. A video on the landing page of your website will provide informative and attention-grabbing information, which will increase your website engagement while also increasing your SEO ranking. Wherever your target audience is, video marketing allows companies to reach them easily with minimal waste while maximizing views.

Leave A Lasting Impression

Video content has become an important marketing element that is more appealing and leaves a lasting impression on consumers. The personability and engagement that video offers allows companies to better connect and appeal to their target market. Video content can increase brand awareness and recognition, increase customer excitement about a product or service, and allow your company stand out from your competitors in a unique and engaging way.


YouTube is the place to go for video content. Uploading organic videos is free, but the targeting capabilities of paid pre-roll ads allow you show your video to the most relevant viewers. These ads are run and monitored through Google Ads, providing an easy and simple solution to manage and track the campaign.

Social Media

Videos are proven to have more social engagement and allows businesses to be more strategic when targeting and engaging viewers on social media. The simplicity of liking, sharing, and commenting on social media can also extend the reach of videos, generating more leads and interest about a product or company.


Over-The-Top is the term used for the delivery of video and TV content through the internet without a traditional cable or satellite service. With the increase in popularity, streaming services can be an effective way to show your video to your target market since OTT allows you to target viewers based on things like location and even behaviors.