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Creating Perfect Landing Pages

Welcome back to another Big Corner Creative Tutorial! In this tutorial we will go over the basics of creating a great landing page for your next campaign!

First off What is a landing page? A landing page is a standalone, dedicated page created specifically to convert website visitors into leads.  Unlike a traditional web page, a landing page is focused on a single objective, and that objective is (in most cases) to collect information about your visitor that will allow you to continue to interact with them.  A strong landing page needs to convey three things:

  • It must communicate trust and credibility so that customers feel secure in giving out their information.
  • It must generate a great first impression.
  • It must meet the customers expectations based on whatever they clicked to land on your landing page.

But why use a landing page? In some cases just creating a page on your website for advertising is enough to capture customer information, but in most cases, using a landing page that aligns with your ad will reinforce your message and dramatically increase its conversion rate. Although you can choose to create a landing page for any promotional marketing activity where you want someone to take action, creating a landing page when you are paying for advertising is an absolute must!  When paying for advertising you need to be able to measure your return on investment, and creating a landing page allows you to do that, also you are helping your customers make a decision without all of the visual distractions of a general website page.

Now lets talk about what is going to go inside your landing page:

  • Headline. A prominent headline that is congruent to the paid advertising you are running, having a strong clear headline will signal the customer that they have arrived at the information they were looking for when they clicked on your ad.
  • Content. Here is one of the few times where less is more when it comes to content.  You need to keep the content brief and pertinent to the offer you are presenting, avoid anything that would allow the customer to loose focus on the value of your offer.
  • Image or Video. Using media is paramount on a landing page. An image that captures the customers attention and visually illustrates the offer makes it more real and inviting. Videos on landing pages keep people on the page longer and increase conversions at an even higher rate.
  • Colors. Creating contrasting color combinations can help important pieces of your landing page stand out. Make sure to think long and hard about your color choices, and make sure your call to action is visible!
  • Form Placement. It is important to put your form high on the page, with visual ques to move their attention in that direction.
  • Button Text. Over the years most of us have become numb to the words “submit” use a strong call to action on your button like “Try it for Free”, “Join Now”, or “Take a Tour”. Really want to boost your conversion? Try creating your call to action in the third person like “Sign me up” , “Start My Trial” , research has show these call to actions are the most effective.

Below is a good example of a landing page from a paid ad on Facebook.


Notice that the logo is carried over and placed in the same spot on the landing page? The headline matches word for words, and the images are visually similar. Also note the presence of the links at the bottom that denote trust, like the large businesses listed and the all important privacy policy. Lastly the call to action ditches “submit” for “watch demo” and the orange button is in contrast to the blue form.

There you have it!  You are well on your way to creating perfect landing pages! If you are interested in creating a landing page but still need help contact us here!