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Video Advertising On YouTube

If you are a client of Big Corner Creative you may have heard about advertising on YouTube. If you’re still unsure of it, hopefully this blog will give you a better understanding of its importance! How Big is YouTube? YouTube is the second largest search platform, only after Google search, and if…
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Local Services Ads From Google

Who Are Local Services Ads For? If you are a service provider in Wichita, this blog is for you! There are some exciting changes coming that you will want to take a look at. Google, in select cities across America, has been working hard to create and test a program geared towards…
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Upgrading Your Business To Video

Modern Marketing Relies On Video Is it intimidating? Probably. Especially if you've never used video for marketing before. There's no denying it works, though. In fact, 52% of marketers say video gives them a higher return on investment than any other form of content. This really shouldn't come as much of a…
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Google’s Longer Snippets

It sure seems as if Google likes to keep us on our toes with changes. Most recently, Google increased the length of snippets and meta descriptions for desktop and mobile searches. A snippet is the teaser of information you see under a webpage title in a Google search result. You may be…
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Business Might Not Ranking Locally

Basic Google Search Engine Optimization Finding the reasoning for your low Google rankings can be frustrating and feel impossible to figure out. However, often times the mystery can be solved by going through a check list of the most common causes for problems with Google rankings. By taking a little bit of…
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How Website Landing Pages Work & Why They Are Successful

The Landing Page Solution Maybe it's happened to you: you scroll upon an eye catching sale ad for something you've been searching for. You click on the ad, expecting it to quickly take you to that specific item, but instead you get the website's homepage. You're left searching for said "special offer"…
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