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Are You Including Digital Audio in Your Marketing Strategy?

By August 18, 2020No Comments

Streaming audio listenership and available content is growing exponentially. People are spending an average of 4.5 hours daily listening to streaming audio as more and more streaming services, podcasts, and app content becomes available. In fact, three-quarters of US Internet users are streaming music, online radio services (Pandora, I Heart, Spotify, TuneIn…) podcast platforms, and apps.

Consumers are embracing being able to engage with their favorite music, radio station, listening to sports, or a podcast from anywhere.  People love listening-in while commuting, relaxing, working, or multi-tasking around the home.  Streaming is so easily available too on our mobile phones, laptops, and smart speakers! The growing popularity of smart speakers has added a new and exciting advertising platform for brands. EMarketer estimates that 38 million individuals will use a smart speaker to make a purchase in 2021.

Digital consumers are diversifying their streaming experiences by complementing their other streaming services, such as video, with audio streaming. Unlike video streaming where content is often exclusive to the platform, music streaming content can be found on several different platforms. But the main difference between video streaming consumers and audio streaming consumers is that audio listeners tend to listen using free versions of audio streaming. Like radio, listeners can tune in to audio streaming for free with the support of paid ads. In fact, 53 % of music streamers use free audio services that are supported by ads. This provides a great opportunity for digital marketers with less competitive advertising, allowing businesses to get the most reach out of their budget.

Digital audio listeners tend to be more attentive too. Ad brand recall is 4x higher on podcasts than traditional radio and 60% of surveyed podcast listeners said they made a purchase after hearing a product advertised during a podcast according to Midroll Media survey.

Digital audio marketing provides highly measurable results to a targeted audience to reach customers in market for your product or service. In addition to using standard targeting criteria, like demographics and location; in-market and behavior targeting can also be layered on to guarantee that your ad will reach a qualified listener. In addition, brand safety is factored in to avoid any damaging or inappropriate content.

Streaming Audio is also very cost-effective and priced at a cost per thousand commercials.   You can stream 1,000 commercials for the price of 1 commercial on a traditional radio station!  And display image ad retargeting can be layered with the digital audio campaign to increase your ad engagement with the selected target audience.

So, should Digital Audio be part of your marketing strategy?  Yes!  Digital audio is an uncluttered space where ad messages are getting noticed by consumers actively searching for your service or product and results are cost-effective and measurable.

BCC is now offering, highly cost-effective digital audio campaigns for businesses across the streaming platforms to reach consumers with your brand message during their favorite streaming music and programs.

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