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9 Marketing “Icks” – According to Big Corner Creative

By November 21, 2023No Comments

Sharing our thoughts on marketing missteps is one of the things marketers are known for. At Big Corner Creative, our team has compiled a list of what we call our ‘marketing icks’ – those things in the industry that just give you shivers or leave you feeling a little uneasy. We understand that everyone has their unique preferences, and opinions can vary widely. However, the BCC team kindly requests that folks consider avoiding these practices:

9 Things to Quit Doing in Your Marketing

  1. Making clickbait content
  2. Having too many pop-ups on your website
  3. Using the Comic Sans font
  4. Having too many ads on your website
  5. Failing to direct users to the ad-relevant landing page:
  6. Not using consistent font(s)/color schemes
  7. Putting links in your Instagram captions
  8. Using the video camera built-in microphone
  9. Using 30 hashtags


#1 Clickbait content

Clickbait, while initially capturing attention, often leads to mistrust and can damage your brand’s credibility. Focus on content that is authentic to your brand’s story.

#2 Too many pop-ups on your website

Excessive pop-ups can create a really frustrating user experience, driving visitors away. While pop-ups can be good for capturing leads or conveying important information, it’s crucial to have a balance and ensure they enhance rather than hinder the user’s journey.

#3 Using the Comic Sans font

Good design does have some elements of personal bias, but it’s a proven fact (sort of) that the font Comic Sans makes your brand look outdated. The choice of font plays a significant role in shaping your brand image. Comic Sans is often perceived as unprofessional and may not be suitable for conveying a serious or credible message. Graphic designers everywhere thank you in advance.

#4 Having too many ads on your website

Bombarding users with numerous ads can clutter your website and distract from your core content. It’s essential to prioritize user experience and have a strategy on ad placement and relevancy.

#5 Failing to direct users to the ad-relevant landing page

Only about 4-6% of people who see your ads are likely to click on it. So, it is extremely important to send those users to the correct link or landing page. Aligning content with expectations is key for successful campaigns!

#6 Not using consistent fonts/color schemes in your marketing and advertising

If you want a brand to be memorable and stand out against the competition, keep your unique branding consistent with everything you publish. Inconsistencies in fonts and color schemes can create confusion and dilute your brand identity.

#7 Putting links in your Instagram captions

Social media managers are very vocal about this point… please stop putting a URL in your Instagram captions! They are not clickable so it’s a waste of space and disrupts the flow when a user must manually type them out. Direct them to the link in your bio.

#8 Using the video camera built-in microphone

Audio quality is crucial in video content. Relying on the built-in microphone may result in poor sound quality, diminishing the overall video experience. Invest in a quality external microphone to ensure clear and professional audio.

#9 Using 30 hashtags

While hashtags can increase visibility, using too many can be counterproductive. It may make your content appear spammy and dilute the impact of each hashtag. Focus on using 2-5 relevant and targeted hashtags that enhance the discoverability of your content without overwhelming your audience. Captions can be used as SEO and platforms are smart enough to push relevant terms used in captions to those who are interested. A reminder to implement CamelCase, capitalizing the first letter in each word of your hashtag, for example: #SocialMediaMarketing


Everyone has their own opinions on marketing dos and don’ts and social media “icks” are just a fun way for marketers to express their grievances within the industry. If you feel overwhelmed with the world of marketing, you’re already going in the right direction by reading this blog post and learning a few social media/marketing best practices. Use these tips to improve your brand strength and contribute to diminishing these headaches for marketers.

If you are ready to take the next step of hiring a full-service marketing partner, we can help! Big Corner Creative specializes in tailored marketing solutions. From traditional advertising to printed material, to graphic design, we can work together to create a full marketing strategy. Reach out to our team for personalized marketing guidance.

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