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5 Tips To Make You a Better Marketer

By August 11, 2022No Comments

Once again we have scoured the web to bring you some great marketing tips and tricks! In this tutorial we are going to look at some of the tips from small business owners out there, and see if we can put these tips to work for your business!

Custom Landing Pages

Customized landing pages are nothing new, but when done correctly they can boost your online business to the next level! Building a landing page takes time and effort, but they are far more useful when they exist in a cluster. Each one of your individual landing pages should serve a highly specialized purpose, targeting a niche audience and serving one specific need; this allows you to refine the small details of your approach to cater to one specific type of conversion at a time. But beyond that, you’ll need to create multiple versions of each functional landing page, splitting your strategy even further into variants. The goal here is to compare and contrast how all your different landing pages perform, giving you more data and more user insights you can use to speed up the development of your campaign. For more information on building the perfect landing page, take a look at the massive tutorial we posted a while back here!

Syndicate Old Content

There are two types of content, temporary and evergreen. If you have created a piece of temporary content, you push it out to social media, and follow it up with your initial round of commenters, and most businesses would consider that source “tapped.” Once a piece of content is tapped most brands will never revisit again, in some cases, this is necessary-especially if the article is news-based or otherwise temporary in nature. But when you create a timeless piece of evergreen content, don’t let it sit idly on your blog when you could continue tapping it periodically for long-term dividends. Keep a running list of all your old evergreen pieces, and re-syndicate them occasionally. This will help to generate new interest from new followers who may have missed the content initially, and may be of value to older followers who didn’t see it the first time around. Most importantly re-syndicating your evergreen content will help to diminish your workload so you can focus on creating even more great content!

Perfecting Your Email Marketing

Most companies recognize the power of email marketing-it’s been claimed to be the highest-ROI online marketing strategy (although ROI is a tough measure to calculate, and since content marketing is virtually impossible to calculate, it likely provides the greatest ROI in the long-term). But when trying to tap into your email database, it is important not to use a single massive email list of all clients, visitors, reads, partners, and affiliates. It is paramount that you segment your email list, even consider splitting each list in multiple dimensions.  For example, you might keep different lists based on past engagements with your business, or based on user dispositions. Doing so will generate a much stronger result, as you will now be able to target each one of your customers with more precision in the content of your email blast, which reduces unsubscribe rates while improving open and click-through rates.

Creating Social Proof

You haven’t heard of social proof? Well now you have, and it is an increasingly important phenomenon in the online marketing landscape. The concept is simple-show that you’ve done good work, or that you’ve earned the respect of other people, and people will be more likely to engage with you. Most brands attempt to do this, to some degree, through online customer reviews or brief snippets of testimonials. But the real power lies in “landmark” pieces of social proof, which stand out as more significant and more powerful in the eyes of customers. For example, you might earn a long testimonial from a nationally recognized brand-these can be hard to get, but they’ll pay off significantly. You might also write up an engaging and persuasive case study from one of your best clients. The key is to have some anchor piece that’s both recognizable and convincing.

Creating Brand Evangelists

Brand evangelism isn’t an entirely new concept. As with most items on this list, the premise is simple; find someone who’s going to be passionate enough about your brand to “evangelize” it, advocating it to friends and colleagues, and sharing material on your behalf. But how do you find such willing participants? You start by building individual relationships with some of your closest followers. Most businesses shy away from this, instead only investing time in messaging with mass-market appeal. They see it as a waste of time to target only one or two users in one go. But if you do this, and nurture those relationships with regular engagements, soon they’ll become evangelists in their own right without ever realizing it.

So there you have it! Five great tips to help you get out there and make a marketing difference! As with all marketing efforts, you may see different results based on your customer base. Some of these tips will help you fairly consistently (such as syndicating older content) and others will be more like gambles (such as creating brand evangelists), but all of them have the potential to elevate your marketing campaign.

If these ideas sound great to you, but you have no idea where to start. Then we are the company for you! Big Corner Creative can help you create a digital and traditional marketing strategy that works for you! If you just need a little help here and there we have you covered as well! Give us a shout anytime and we can help guide your business on the path to success!