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Why a Positive Brand Image is Important For Your Business

Creating and maintaining a strong brand image might be more important than you think. The image of your brand can have a major…
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Google’s Longer Snippets

It sure seems as if Google likes to keep us on our toes with changes. Most recently, Google increased the length of snippets…
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Business Might Not Ranking Locally

Basic Google Search Engine Optimization Finding the reasoning for your low Google rankings can be frustrating and feel impossible to figure out. However,…
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Outsmart Your Competition With Content

In today's digital age, simply having the best product or service, isn't enough. You have to know what your competition is doing. Otherwise…
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social media can generate local seo

Social Media can Generate Local SEO

We have spoken at great length as to how important Social Media is as a channel to connect with your customers. But did…
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3 steps to local link building

Three Steps to Local Link Building

Back in 2012, Google updated their search algorithm to Penguin. This update carried a crucial change, having large quantities of links would no…
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improve your blog's search ranking

Improve Your Blog’s Search Ranking

If you have been following along with some of our tutorials, you know how important a blog can be for SEO  (Search Engine…
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3 Steps to creating awesome content

3 Steps to Creating Awesome Content

You know you need to have content out there for your audience to consume. But coming up with that content can be hard,…
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Understanding How Searchers Use Google

How Searchers Use Google

Meditative has put together a new infographic to show just what people are clicking on when they perform a Google search, and we…
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SEO Basics – Going Mobile

It is time for step 10! If you missed step 9 you can find it here! If you follow this blog, this step…
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