Pay Per Click Management PPC

Pay Per Click marketing continues to grow as one of the leading forms of online advertising, and it is easy to see why.

Compared to other forms of advertising, PPC presents an incredible opportunity for success and growth at a price point that cannot be matched. This has been proven true time and time again, even moreso within the small to medium business sector. The key for success in Pay Per Click marketing can be attributed to three important elements.




Pay Per Click campaigns come in a variety of options that can be tailored specifically for your business. We recognize that when it comes to online advertising, one shoe definitely does not fit all.

Search Advertising

When a potential customer is using a search engine, you can be sure that they want results that are quick, accurate, and worthwhile. Pay Per Click through Search Advertising functions via a ranking system that takes numerous factors to determine where your ad will be placed on a search engine results page. It requires high levels of both skill and insight to manage the budget, geographic location, time of day, user device, and intent of search when creating a marketing campaign. You can be assured that our experts will work to create ads that have a high click through rate for your business.

Our Approach & Strategy

We believe that a successful advertising campaign begins with a well planned approach. This allows for a strategy that is efficient, performs well, and creates consistent branding. With this plan in place, our experts can assure a marketing solution that will help your business reach it's goals.


Our Research Phase starts with a thorough examination of your website and general online presence. We focus on understanding your business goals, which customers to target, and how competitive your industry is.


Once we have gathered data from our Research Phase, we can begin to use it in our planning process. We create a roadmap to success that centers on a media placement strategy and quality marketing practices.


This is when we get the work horses involved! With detailed data and a clear roadmap,  our Pay Per Click experts can create an initial campaign very quickly and accurately.


At regular intervals, we use analytical data to manage and hone your digital campaign. Click-through rate, cost per click, and cost per conversion are just a few of the metrics we monitor in order to manage your campaign over time.

If you want to catch a wave, you've got to get in the water.